Robert Pickton

Robert Pickton

While chronic executioners in Canada may not be as famous as they are in different nations, there’s no rejecting that we’ve seen some truly deplorable violations submitted throughout the long term, and the accounts will totally stun you.

Only one out of every odd single one of these executioners will have their 15 minutes of acclaim with a narrative on Netflix, yet there are a lot of digital broadcasts, books, and hand crafted narratives out there that recount the tales of The Great White North’s generally infamous and insidious chronic executioners.

Robert Pickton was known in his old neighborhood of Port Coquitlam as a multi-tycoon pig ranch proprietor. As per Serial Killer Shop, during the ’90s, he would have raves in an old slaughterhouse with many visitors coming, including whores and individuals from the Hell’s Angels.

In 2002, Pickton was captured for homicide and in spite of the fact that he was just accused of six, a spy got him to admit to 49.

At the point when he was captured, a $70 million unearthing venture found the remaining parts of many ladies, and there was likewise proof that he had ground up a portion of his casualties to take care of to his pigs. The previous homestead proprietor was indicted in 2007 and condemned to life in jail.

Luka Magnotta

Despite the fact that he’s been in prison for a long while now, Luka Magnotta has pulled in a great deal of consideration as of late. The Scarborough local originally assumed control over the web when he posted an upsetting video of him killing two little cats, which provoked an online manhunt.

Soon after, Magnotta posted another video, this one of him fiercely killing and dissecting unfamiliar international student Jun Lin. The executioner at that point sent pieces of Lin’s body to various schools and ideological groups across Canada before escaping the nation.

Magnotta was in the long run found at a web bistro in Berlin where he was arrested and in the end indicted with a lifelong incarceration. Check out for more Serial Killers Biography

Clifford Olson Jr.

The Vancouver Sun alluded to Clifford Olson Jr. as “the monster of B.C.,” and the title is merited. Between 1980-81, Olson executed 11 youngsters and adolescents between the ages of 9 to 18.


Olson was captured in August of 1981 and struck a supplication bargain that would put $10,000 into a trust for his significant other and kid for each body he helped law requirement recoup. There was a ton of public clamor about the result, yet the chronic executioner was still condemned to life in jail.