How to choose real estate to sell?

How to choose real estate to sell?

If you are an owner and have recently put a home up for sale, the first calls have been from many real estate agencies to market your home, but what about those calls? How do you choose the real estate?

Choose a real estate or agent to sell your house? What?

What do you think when an agency tells you this?

” Your house is the perfect price to sell in a couple of months.”

” I have clients with money ready to buy. ”

“I will publish your home on all portals / social networks, and it will sell quickly.”

“It will be sold at the highest price.”

“I’ll sell you the apartment in 60 days.”

How to choose a good real estate

It is exactly what you would like to hear because your house is perfect, and it is worth what you ask for it. It has reforms, it is very bright, the neighbourhood is perfect, the neighbors are charming …

When the neighbors house sells before

In many cases it will remain on the market and possibly the one from the neighbouring block will be sold before yours

The other one has been sold because the owner was in a hurry, because he has a garage, because it was in better condition, endless arguments but all about the house that has been sold, not about the one you are selling.

Try asking yourself this question, why hasn’t mine been sold? Then answer in the most objective way you can.

Full or empty the house is still mine!

Let’s see if an agency speaks to you clearly about: the state of your house, the price and the valuation, small breakdowns that you must fix, the costs of the sale, the energy certificate, etc. They explain the things you must change and prepare to get a relatively quick and satisfactory sale.

Surely you prefer the first one, because it is not necessary to fix so many things to sell. Whoever comes to keep it as is. If this is what it is, I am in no rush to sell.

We don’t like change, because change requires effort and decision-making. We almost always choose to settle for an insane system.

If your apartment sells quickly you will think that you have sold it below the market price and you have lost money, on the other hand if it does not sell you will think that the real estate agency has probably not done its job. Maybe you have chosen wrong. You must choose a real estate agency like Tajarat properties which can help you with this.

Listen, attend and sell – How to choose a good real estate to sell.

There are wonderful professionals and others who are not so much, as in all areas, just as there are owners who close the door in your face and others who take care of you properly.


If you plan to hire an agency to deal with the sale of your home, what better way than to make things clear from the first moment, either exclusively or without it, listen, attend and sell.

Negotiation is the agent’s job, but YOU have the last word. Are you one of those who put a property up for sale or do you really want to sell?

The sale arises logically when there is a desire to sell without overcoming the excuses of a lifetime.You sell a property not an experience.

Do you want your home to be an opportunity or a burden?

Well, show your house as an opportunity.

Be realistic and sincere, you are selling a property not an experience.

Do you want to sell a house? It’s time to be realistic.

If you want to sell your house for real, you have to be realistic.

“I don’t need to sell.”

Selling a house – Sentimental value

The area will get better – sell a house.

Sell ​​a renovated house.

Do you want to sell your house? due to change of residence, for work reasons, for personal, economic reasons, inherited home etc.

Your reason for selling may be there or perhaps a different one will move you; the case is that you want to sell, period.

If you want to sell your house for real, you have to be realistic. There are those who put a property up for sale to test the possibilities they have of selling at a certain price and then regret it or go up.

Let’s look at some fairly common cases in the real estate market.

  • You want to sell your house.

” I don’t need to sell.”

We often hear ” I don’t need to sell ” or ” I’m in no rush to sell ” or ” if they don’t pay me what I ask, I won’t sell. ”

-If the price includes sentimental value, know that no one will pay you. In that case, you’d better keep it for yourself, no one else will know how to appreciate and love it like you.

Selling a house – Sentimental value

-Do you think that the house will go up and you will be there to sell the first one? You are very wrong. The more stagnant the market is, the more the statistics encourage us, think about it.

  • You want to sell your house.

The area will get better – sell a house.

-The area will improve soon … This apartment in a few years will be worth much more! You sell HERE AND NOW and your potential buyer analyses what they see around them. Wait a few years, total you are not in a hurry and you will sell it at a much higher price … Or maybe not!

Sell ​​a renovated house.

– You have done a lot of reforms and that is worth money that is added to the price. The reform is to your liking, right? You will say first class materials! Yes, but the one who visits your house to buy does not share 50% of your preferences, another thing that likes the apartment because of the orientation, location and surface, but in terms of tastes.

If you really want to sell your house, you must face the sale in a realistic and sincere way with your interests but within the market of your city or town. since statistically in cities like Madrid and Barcelona the market is overwhelmed, but they are not real data of your city.

Or maybe you want to have the house on the portals rolling one month after another and from time to time you lower the price a little in case someone interested appreciates your discount and is encouraged to buy.

Behind each home there is a story, but far from the buyer appreciating the positive in yours, the most important thing is that you allow access to a possible purchase in societies

Home sales expenses 2019 seller – Detailed

The sale of a home involves expenses that are usually agreed between the buyer and the seller according to law, below we will see the expenses for the sale of a home.

An agreement can be closed in a different way, for example that the buyer pays the expenses of the selling party, but the most common is that each one covers their expenses according to the law.

Energy certificate

The Energy Certificate is mandatory once we decide to sell and advertise the home, most owners leave it until the last minute. It is mandatory, it is carried out by a competent technician, technical architect or surveyor.

Many people confuse it with an electrical installation certificate or simply do not know what it consists of, despite the fact that it has been in force for many years. The cost varies not only depending on the type of property, surface, location, but also depending on the technician / company that performs it.

We see it as a mandatory expense when selling a house because it is usually left to the last minute, but really if you know how to interpret it can help us a lot when it comes to highlighting the advantages and energy savings that our property has or so on the contrary, the points that we must touch up to achieve better efficiency. Words that help sell your house.

Unfortunately, it is a point that is not understood as an advantage and it is only counted as one more tax.


Notary: They are a part of the notary expenses of the purchase and sale that correspond to the seller. It is calculated based on the notarial fees and the account is made based on the amount notarized plus some small, fixed expenses.


Goodwill – IIVTNU – Expenses for selling housing.

Goodwill: It is paid once the sale is made and it is a tax that is paid in the town hall of each municipality.

The Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land – IIVTNU- is a direct tax that consists of the increase in the value of a home from its purchase to its transmission. Establish how much your property has appreciated in the time that you have owned it. It is counted for years and the maximum to be paid is 20 years.


For example, if you have had the home for 5 years, you will pay the increase in value according to your council) for the 5 years. If you have had the home for 7.5 years, they will pay this tax for the 7 years. If you’ve owned the home for more than 20 years, you will only pay for 20 years.

Whatever happens in the housing market, all municipalities apply a percentage of revaluation of properties of approx. 3%.

Each municipality has a strip, but it is always the same mechanism, you end up applying a revaluation of your home although in reality it does not exist, depending on the cadastral value and the years in which you have been the owner.

What is capital gain?

The capital gain is the increase in the value of the home in this case, in which the owner cannot influence, and the home always ends up revalued. For example, the increase in land value over the years; if they have improved the roads that pass in front of the building where my apartment is located, etc.

As I said before, this tax is for the selling party, except if the seller resides outside the country, then the capital gain is paid by the buyer.

If it is an inheritance or donation, the tax is paid by the recipient (to whom the property is transferred).

The term to pay it is 30 business days from the sale. In the case of inheritances, they are extendable for six months.

Other housing sales expenses for seller – (IBI, CARGAS)

Ibi: the Ibi is paid by the seller regardless of the sale date. For example, if the sale is made on January 3, the payment of the Ibi will also correspond to the seller.

To transfer a home, it has to be free of charges and with all payments up to date. For example, the payment of the community together with a certification that it is up to date. In case of having a mortgage, the cancellation of this will also have an expense to add to all of the above.

Home sales tax 2019

The accounts in the Treasury – we cannot omit that once the transaction has been carried out, the accounts must be rendered with the Treasury.

The profits obtained from the sale of your home will be taxed as follows: you will have to pay 19% if your profit is up to 6,000 euros, 21% – from 6,000 to 50,000 euros and 23% – from 50,000 euros onwards. If you reinvest the amount obtained as profit, you can get rid of the tax but do not forget to mention it in your return for the year to which it corresponds.

There are algae situations in which you are exempt or have reductions – such as having sold the home at a loss in relation to the price at which you acquired it, in the case of those over 65, among others.

House sale expenses with mortgage

If your house has a mortgage, you will have to cancel it. Well, in the deeds, the percentage that your bank charges you for cancelling the mortgage is detailed. That percentage, for example 0.5% or 1%, is calculated on the amount you are going to cancel.

Let’s say that you still owe a 90,000 mortgage and for cancelling it you have a 1% stipulated in the contract that you initially signed because it would be € 900 to pay.

Do not forget to ask for the cancellation certificate (debt certificate) to present it later at the Treasury.

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