Mystic messenger gaming characterElizabeth 3rd

Mystic messenger gaming characterElizabeth 3rd

Elizabeth is an optional character in mystic messenger emails, a white cushy Persian feline. V and Rika named her and offered her to Jumin Han. Jumin appears to ruin her a ton. At the point when he goes out some place for work he will most likely leave her with his right hand for example Jaehee Kang.

She is a lighthearted and cheerful feline however on the off chance that you experience Jumin’s Route it seems like she needs more consideration and opportunity and this is the explanation she flees all the more frequently. Along these lines Jumin secured her up in the pen which she doesn’t appear to comprehend by any means. In any case, Elizabeth adores her proprietor.

Appearance and History of Elizabeth

Elizabeth the 3rd has long white cushioned hide with lovely blue eyes. She additionally has pink ears and an exceptionally charming delicate nose. Elizabeth was given by V and Rika to Jumin Han. When Jumin and Rika had a discussion about how Jumin ought to be more human well disposed and social so he doesn’t feel desolate which Jumin won’t. Rika thought of a plan to blessing him a lovely feline for him to feel less blue and forlorn.

Elizabeth’s Relation with Other Characters

The following is the insight concerning how different characters feel about Elizabeth the 3rd.

Jaehee Kang

Jaehee is Jumin Han’s aide and at whatever point Jumin goes out some place for work, he leaves Elizabeth the 3rd with Jaehee. Jaehee abhors this as a result of Elizabeth’s hair getting all over.

Jumin Han

Jumin Han is the proprietor of Elizabeth who holds her dear and loves her hugely. She appears to cherish him back too. In the event that somebody inquires as to whether he has a sweetheart he’d answer, “My Beauty has wonderful delicate white hide, dim blue eyes, and sharp delightful ears. Her name is Elizabeth the 3rd. I have never observed any lady or feline this excellent”.


He doesn’t cooperate a lot yet it is seen that he profoundly thinks about Elizabeth. He nicknamed her Elly and consistently needs to play with her. In any case, he generally winds up tormenting and prodding her and that is the explanation Jumin consistently will not let 707 close to Elizabeth the 3rd.


V or V Mystic Messenger is her previous or unique proprietor. He is the person who gave her the name “Elizabeth the 3rd”. In Jumin’s course, Jumin needs to give Elizabeth back to V and thought he was not a decent proprietor. In any case, V brought her back and some way or another persuaded him to keep Elizabeth with him.


Rika and V together offered Elizabeth to Jumin. She was concerned and stressed over Jumin and needed him to be less desolate and blue. She was the individual who picked Elizabeth for Jumin.


Elizabeth the 3rd and Zen never communicate with one another and Zen would not like to associate all things considered. He is sensitive to felines to the degree that lone discussing felines makes him wheeze and watching an image monstrosities him out. He expresses that he doesn’t loathe felines and simply like Jumin he likewise imagines that 707’s method of mindful and cherishing felines resembles bugging them.


Elizabeth the 3rd disappeared once and Yoosung deals with Elizabeth when he discovers her at where the Mint Eye is settled. Yoosung doesn’t care to watch however it would appear that he is partial to felines.


Elizabeth the 3rd supposedly dislikes Lisa and she is kind of envious of the way that Jumin was giving her consideration.