Lyft Freeze taste without tobacco in 2021

Lyft Freeze taste without tobacco in 2021

LYFT is a sequel to the preferred Epok snus, according to some there is no noticeable difference. With the same nicotine levels and also a wide variety of tastes, but this moment 100% cigarette cost-free. These pure nicotine bags are the interpretation of a new snus age, say goodbye to stained teeth but with high levels of nicotine.


The best of both globes! The LYFT is perhaps far removed from the conventional snus we are made use of to, the numerous years of technologies are visible in the modification Lyft Freeze inshapee and also parts. An additional prominent variable that needs to be taken into consideration is the environment. LYFT is manufactured utilizing an environmentally friendly procedure and fibers from Scandinavian want and eucalyptus.


LYFT pure nicotine pouches from Fiedler and Lundgren ABDOMINAL have a pure nicotine level in between 6 and 16 mg/ g, depending upon whether you select the solid or regular toughness. The very best component is that they have managed to maintain the very same adequate pure nicotine and taste launch as any type of various other traditional snus. I need to claim, it’s impressive! The white bags stay white even after usage as well as really feel precisely like a traditional brownish snus under the lip.


This item consists of pure nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. This item does not contain tobacco.


The selection to ditch the cigarette and also go for it all white includes a number of cool benefits. The dental filling is made out of natural fibers from pine as well as eucalyptus, that makes the bags stay completely white throughout the entire usage. This suggests that there is no risk of them possibly leaving brownish discolorations on your teeth and they remain fresh longer than normal snus or eat without the requirement to save them refrigerated.

The pouches all white character also lessens the drip which subsequently lengthens both the launch of flavor and also pure nicotine. They accomplish all that while all at once giving the very same complete as well as rich sensation as a section full of tobacco.